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Guidelines on Choosing a Kosher Meals Service

Preparing proper kosher meals regularly can take a lot of time, which can be inconveniencing for a busy individual. If you need the same for your institution, web sale, food service, vending, etc, you should consider working with a kosher food delivery service. Since such providers vary concerning reliability, you should not choose the provider you come across first. Additionally, you cannot afford to compromise the diets of people with unique dietary challenges. Below are several important things to consider when choosing a service provider.

The type of support you need should be the most important thing to consider. If you need specific types of meals such as shelf-stable meals, you have to choose a provider with that in mind. Consider important requirements such as gluten free foods, dairy free meals, soy free food, peanut free food, and egg free foods, you should communicate your needs as early as possible. If you need deliveries for an institution, you should consider all food allergies everyone has before choosing a provider. It is always important to confirm everything that’s listed on a potential provider’s website before placing an order.

Consider ingredients before making a decision. It could be that a food is allergen-free. However, this does not mean that all ingredients are safe. If you prefer foods without artificial ingredients such as colors, flavors, and MSG (monosodium glutamate), you should make a choice with that in mind. Make sure that all foods have proper descriptions. If you need beef stew, for instance, you should know what the stew contains. The description should show whether the beef is lean and whether the stew contains potatoes, tomatoes, citric acid, bell peppers, carrots, among others. If you are uncomfortable with spices, you should ensure that the meals are spice-free. Asking concerning the ingredients of vegetarian stews and other foods would be a wise decision.

Consider packaging and packaging quality before contacting any service provider. Most kosher food products come in meal trays, meal kits, MREs (meals ready to eat) and food pouches. If you would be storing your food, you have to be sure that the packaging would be high quality. Anything you need for camping, vending, or military purposes should come in outstanding quality packaging. In case you need products in meal trays, consider whether they are microwaveable. If you prefer food pouches, inquire whether they are foil pouches. Most importantly, the packaging should be safe to avoid contaminating the food.

Consider delivery before choosing any provider. How easy will it be to receive your order? While you should choose the best provider there is, you should only work with one that would always deliver in time. In case you need the same for an institution and military purposes, you need a provider that would deliver the quantity of meals you need. Take note of the ordering process, as well. If it is too complex, chances are that you will end up frustrated. Do not ignore the level of support the providers afford you during and after ordering. Consider their cancellation policy before placing an order.

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